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Wanted: Dead or Alive

Have You seen this man ?.
Name:     Mr. Ronald McDonald™
Code:      MAC#011587
A.K.A.:   "The Big Mac", "The McOverlord",
                "The Golden Arch Kid".
Crimes:   1st degree Cowacide.
Reward:  TBA

Ronald was last seen driving in
this car on June the 19th, 1997.
Anyone seeing this man or car
are advised to stay well clear
and call the local authorities
MCcar1.jpg (17077 bytes)
hamburglar.jpg (18135 bytes) Also to look out for is Ronald's right
hand man "Hamburglar", consider him
to be armed and dangerous. His
henchmen can be easily recognised by
their hair nets, name tags and continual
banter about "would you like fries with
that". Careful, these are meat eaters!.