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Okay it's not a couple this month but one better, O'Reilly's infamous Herd of free roaming cattle from Yorkshire a.k.a. the Bovine Dirty Dozen

"Were a close knit bunch" says Lola (front). "We've been together know for over 5 years causing havoc amongst human kind in our part of the Mother Country"

Daphne (2nd front) says "Our reign of terror on Yorkshire includes abattoir sabotage, hacking McDonalds website and supporting the militant Yorkshire Cow Resistance". The YCR has been smuggling cows out of the meat works and replacing them with replicas made of cowpats ( You may have noticed that McDonalds tastes like shit )"

BooBoo (left), the leader of this Bovine band of cow warriors states that there is a private war going on with the English government ( PM Blair denies this ). For instance last years Mad Cow scare was totally bogus. Its a government cover up to eliminate our struggle for cow freedom and it's nothing short of cowacide (elimination of Cowkind). The only Mad cows around here are the ones being slaughtered for an all beef patty with special sauce in a sesame seed bun.

We would also like to pay our respect for Lulu who was our first Cowakazi pilot, after a grueling 3 months of learning to fly a Cessna, Lulu flew that flying bomb into the English Beef Council headquarters with devasting affect, she earned the DFC ( Distinguished Flying Cow ) medal.

Lulu, we salute you.

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