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Q: Often when I come home from a hard days cowing in the fields I'll be very tired from doing all that grass eating, mooing and dropping cowpats and I find that I just fall asleep where ever I'm standing. my question is because I'm such a deep sleeper on my feet, how do I guard against cow tippers ?.

Cow tipped lately, Hefferlump.


Send solutions here SOLUTIONS

A1: I find that when I start getting drowsy, I like to stick close to the bulls. No one wants to mess with the horns. Also a pocket cattle prod comes in handy. You think we beller when shocked, you should see those dumb two leggers scream and run. Lots of fun. Good luck and happy grazing

A2: As a fellow cow, I would have to suggest: try to make it to a barn or a tree before you conk out. If you can't make it, I like A-1's cattle prod suggestion. Personally, I try to lie down as often as possible.


A3: I would pesonally install a full surveillance security system and have padlocked barn doors, and if you fall asleep, just make sure to turn on your system

A4: I prefer to lie down all the time, usually i'll sneak into the horse pasture before. The horses don't like visitors that arent there owners and they can hurt humans badly, so them and the bulls are good for protection. But try to eat grain every morning it will keep you awake. and occasional coffee
is good too.

A5: Sorry to hear about your troubles hefferlump, have you considered "hoofstakes"? Similar in fasion to the shoes those twolegged females wear while "out on the town", You simply dig them into the ground before sleeping & even the strongest tippers can't uproot you. They also are hoofy for stepping over gopher holes w/out breaking your ankles- best of luck sweetie. PS- Don't listen to those fasion critics, black hoofstakes look great even in summer!

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