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Plays of the Month

PAMPLONA, Spain (CNN) -- The rocket fired
Sunday, and three minutes of madness began:
six bulls running pell-mell down narrow
cobblestone streets, chasing thousands who
had come to take part in Pamplona's annual
running of the bulls.
The six lucky runners this Year were
veterans, Kowkavitch (USSR)and Jetsu (JAP),
Rookies Ajax (UK)and Thor (NZ) and last
years rookies Beefa (USA)and Boomer (AUS)
Two of the participants,
seen in the photo, Thor
and Ajax were running
for the first time and
covered themselves in
glory in the target rich
environment. Ajax acting
as Thor's wingman said
" We knocked up so many
humans I lost count."
It wouldn't be a suprise
if this years tally was a
world record but we won't
know until the officials
return from the hospital.
The Humans are set loose every day of the
nine-day festival to run the 825 yards
between the Bulls corral and Pamplona's
bullfighting arena. Each year thousands
come for the fiesta and many -- often after
a night of drunken revelry -- risk life and
limb to race the bulls.
Pamplona Mayor Javier
Chourrat acknowledged
that beginners often
pose as great a danger
to experienced bulls as
to themselves but this
years rookies (Ajax and
Thor)were outstanding.
The tradition of running the bulls began
in 1591 when a handful of daredevils bulls
decided to run with humans being transferred
through the streets from the corral to the
city's bullring. The fiesta has grown
steadily since that time.

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